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Time travel, Nitro Nine, and other Things

Exotic alien swords are easy to come by... Aces are rare.

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Just Ace
20 August 1970
PhotobucketDorothy Gale McShane was born in 1970 in Perivale, a suburb of London. Her father left the family when she was three (after catching his wife in bed with his best mate) taking her infant brother with him. Ace was raised by her mum Audrey, who was the sort to need a man in her life, leading to a secession of 'uncles' for Ace. In her early years the only stability Ace had was her gran, but Kathleen Dudman died when Ace was seven (they would meet once again, as adults, when Ace was with the Doctor.)

When Ace was six years old and starting school she met Manisha and the two girls became the closest of friends. Manisha's family was the opposite of Ace's, warm, open, loving. Her parents, her older brother and younger sister accepted Ace as a member of the family, and Ace spent as much time as possible at 'Nisha's flat. Ace had few other friends in her early childhood. She didn't want to bring anyone home to see her mum, and a combination of brains, a short temper and a tendency to act out kept anyone else from getting too close. She didn't care. Manisha was her sister and her best friend. Photobucket Then came the autumn of 1983. There were people who didn't want a Pakistani family living in their suburb. Threats were bad enough, but one night there was an explosion and Manisha's flat burned. When Ace heard she ran, only stopping when a police officer grabbed her just outside the building. She watched the enshrouded bodies being pulled from the wreck and screamed when one of the sheets fell to one side and a burned hand was revealed. She ran then, not stopping until she was at the gate of a mansion at the edge of town, Gabriel Chase. The place had scared the hell out of her and Manisha when they dared each other to go inside, and they only made it to the entryway. This time she stood in the middle of the parlour and sat the room on fire. She watched the house burn down from a safe distance, but it didn't make the rage inside go away.

An interest in explosives that began some months earlier turned into an obsession once Manisha died. Ace spent her time experimenting, reading, learning as much as she could about chemistry and physics. She resisted making any new friends, and if she was at home she was in her bedroom, keeping away from her mum and any 'guests.' Her grades stayed up but her attitude towards everyone at school suffered, and she was often at the edge of being expelled. She blew up a section of lockers once (they had racist graffiti on them) but when she blew up the art room her formal education ended. Jump ahead a year and one night when Ace was experimenting with gelignite there was an Time Storm in her room, carrying her away to Ice World. She spent six months on an alien world, thinking everything ended before she met Mel and a bloke she started calling "Professor." By the time Kane was defeated and the Doctor was ready to leave Ace was in the TARDIS.

It started simply enough - Daleks in London, a planet where it is against the law to be unhappy, an eerie circus, Camelot transported to modern times. It was fun and adventure, nothing to take too serious, until 1945 and an enemy named Fenric. Fenric and the circumstances surrounding his defeat changed Ace's relationship with the Doctor, her view on her place in the universe and her commitment to the life she had chosen. She stays with the Professor (he only occasionally tries to get her to call him Doctor) for 13 years, traveling time and space, fighting "gods and monsters that try to squish other people." Sometimes they have other friends with them, but mostly it's Ace and the Professor, the Professor and Ace. As bad as things got (betrayal, torture, getting shot, finding a brother she never knew about, almost getting married) Ace never considered leaving the Doctor. He needs her to watch his back.

This journal is part of fic writing and role play communities. I do not own the character of Ace and am making no profit from this journal. The character of Ace is owned by and is the property of the BBC. No harm or copy write infringement is intended. I have no connections to Sophie Aldred either, sadly.

Ace is currently being used in the theatrical_muse, relativespace and realityshifted communities, among others. She is open for role play. The Seventh Doctor mentioned in the journal generally refers to timewill_tell Any questions can be left in this journal. Ace's mun can be reached at her personal LJ, wiccagirl24

Canon, unless otherwise noted, includes all Seventh Doctor Episodes and most of the the Big Finish Audios.

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